Arturo Granadino Breeds Alik Zanders

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Description: In this new series we go on a trip to Colombia, to meet new young boys and their customs, their colorful world and their incredible Latin sex. In episode 1 called Coffee with cream, we will meet Darrel and David, two companions who really like to share their coffee on the street and talk about life, they want to get to know each other better, so they go to one of their houses to be more comfortable and able to kiss, take off their clothes and be very naked for a long time. We can see how their hairless bodies are exposed, to be licked by the other, their very hard and huge penises, very large for such small bodies. The cock blowjob comes with instructions to open your mouth wide, fill it with saliva and let it enter and exit well to the bottom. Then comes the ass licking, wide open, a tasty ass that dilates with each lick, being massaged and prepared to receive a penis.